Photo+Adventure Partner Country 2018

Costa Rica

Smoking volcanoes, dense primeval forests, dreamlike tropical beaches and exotic animals - Costa Rica attracts with great diversity in the smallest area! Nature lovers, adventurers, sun worshippers and culture enthusiasts will find authentic experiences in one of the safest countries in Latin America all year round. Whether families, honeymooners, luxury lovers, those seeking relaxation, crusaders or business travellers - Costa Rica leaves no desires unfulfilled. Political stability, modern infrastructure and short distances within the country make the Central American natural paradise between the Atlantic and the Pacific the ideal holiday destination with 365 days of season.

With its focus on sustainability, Costa Rica also also makes the ideal successor to our focus topic 2017 on the occasion of the UN International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017, which means that an important aspect of travel and the tourism industry will not end after a year of action, but will become an integral part of further activities with concrete contents and offers.

All this and much more makes Costa Rica the ideal partner for the Photo+Adventure, which presents itself at its first participation as partner country.


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About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is Spanish and means "rich coast".

Costa Rica is embedded between the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Seas. The two oceans are only 320 kilometres apart. The different micro climates and the wide range of landscapes that visitors can experience in a single day make this country a true holiday paradise.

Costa Rica has an area of only about 51,000 km². In comparison: Austria has 84,000 km² (Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland, Upper Austria and Styria together 52,000 km²). Costa Rica travellers will find adventure, nature and culture, sun, beach and much more in this area.

Further information will follow


Further information about nature, adventure possibilities, country, people and culture will be published in the next weeks.

Links to Costa Rica

For more information, visit the Costa Rican website and social media channels